​The Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium (ITM) is one of the world's leading institutes for tropical medicine and health care in developing countries.

The Unit of Tropical Laboratory Medicine combines biomedical research, education and support of laboratory services. We focus on antibiotic resistance and both generic and specific laboratory capacity building. In order to achieve real impact we work closely together with the laboratory teams of our partner institutions in low- and middle income countries in the South.

This website is supported by ITM's Integrated Laboratory Quality Management project which is financed by the Framework Agreement with the DGD. The goal is to introduce, develop and promote integrated quality management in medical research and reference laboratories in developing countries.

Most relevant unit publications:

  • Clinical bacteriology:
    • Ombelet - 2018: Best practices of blood cultures in low- and middle-income countires
    • Ombelet - 2018: Personal view on clinical bacteriology in ​low resource setting

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